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Mahan TMT 550D

We deliver right product, right measurement, right weight and right cost to our valuable customers.

About Mahan TMT 550D

Mahan TMT bar is manufactured by Magadh industries. This is first thermo mechanical technology in Bihar. This is used in Mahan TMT Bar. For this, we are using temcor technology. This is only used by Tata and sale in India. We have a team of expert engineers and technocrat. They are working day night for best quality TMT BAR.

Mahan industries unit is located in Patna at Didarganj area in the Mahan industries , we are focusing on quality control, less electricity, best in quality.

Mahan TMT is first choice of customers trust. Mahan industries distribute their products to selected dealers in last 10 years in market. We deliver right product, right measurement, right weight and right cost to our valuable customers. This is the sign of customers trust for us.


  • High and Better Balancing Tressing Strength.
  • Balance Weight
  • Super Flexible and More Durable.
  • Best Ribs Pattern.
  • Earthquake Resistance Quality.
  • Wire Resistance Quality
  • Best Shining
  • Powerful
  • Better Durability
  • Better Control
  • Ultimate Quality
  • Better Technology
  • Pure steel, Pure Weight

Products Range

Product available in market 550D

Fine and Superior Product Quality:-

ChemistryUnitIS:1786 Fe 415MAHAN TMT
Carbon ( c+mn/6 )%0.38max
S & P%0.110max0.090max

Advantages of using TMT bars

  1. Great ductility and bend ability: One of the distinct advantages of using TMT bars is that they have great ductility and bend ability properties. Because of this, one can create pre-welded meshes that are used to eliminate the need of manual binding. This brings down construction and fabrication time.
  2. Fire resistant: Fire safety of a structure is one of the primary concerns for engineers and residents. TMT bars boast of high thermal stability and can resist temperatures ranging from 300 to 400 degrees Celsius. Thus, they are perfect for resisting fire and provide safety.
  3. Resistant to corrosion: The TMT process gives these bars anti-corrosive properties. These bars undergo controlled water-cooling process that resists formation of coarse carbides. Coarse carbides are the main reasons for the corrosive nature of a common bar. Absence of surface stresses is another reason for these bars to be corrosion resistant. Thus, using them increases the longevity of a structure.
  4. Resistant to earthquakes: TMT bars are resistant to earthquakes thanks to their soft pearlier core. Because of this, they can bear seismic and dynamic loading. TMT bars boast of high fatigue resistance to seismic loads because of high ductility and therefore they are widely used in earthquake prone areas.
  5. Great bonding strength: Another major advantage of TMT bars is their superior bonding strength. There are external ribs running across the entire length of these bars and this fosters great bonding strength between the concrete and the bar.
  6. Cost-effective and malleable: High tensile strength and better elongation make these bars highly cost-effective than normal bars. They are easy to transport and malleable.
  7. Easy to work at site: Better ductility and bend ability of these bars make them easy to work at site. Pre-welded meshes can be easily made and this enhances work productivity.


TMT bars find their application in many avenues. They are used for constructing:

  • Bridges
  • Dams
  • High-rise apartments
  • Industrial structures
  • Flyovers

Apart from the above, there are several other verticals where these bars are used.

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